You’ll be happy to know, I will not be burning in hell tonight

Yesterday it was quite hot and sticky. We put off turning on the air conditioning because we were going to be outside most of the day but then in the afternoon we decided to kick it on for bed time. Except the temperature inside our house kept increasing and that is not good. We found the cord outside between the house and the unit was frozen solid. Whoopsie.

I already don’t have a/c in our cars, I’m not sure I can live without a/c in my house. I will not apologize for hating to be hot. It’s one thing to be hot because I choose to be. It’s another to die in your sleep because you think you’re burning in hell.

I’m so so thankful for a handy husband who works with equally handy people who are a great mix of knowing all things handy but in different genres. His coworker was able to come over today and fix it. FOR FREE. Thank you Baby Jesus. I went to sleep with visions of really hot $$$ dancing in my head.

I wasn’t here today when Rob got home from work because I was off getting my TB test that I need since I’ll be working in a hospital. It’s probably good I wasn’t here because I would’ve given that old man who can fix air conditioning a really long hug while chanting, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Rob doesn’t need those guys at work thinking I’m crazy (I am).

Speaking of my internship.

I emailed my contact this morning because I need to know what the hell is going to happen (control issues). I need to know if she is still planning on me, if there’s anything else I need to do before Monday, and what time I need to be there and most importantly, what time do I get to go home everyday? Priorities!

Don’t worry, I was all mature and professional in my email.

Her response?

Hi Stacey,
 Let me confirm about next Monday. We should be all set, but I want to confirm. Remind me of how long you will be with us and how many hours you will be here. Thanks!
I read this response as: holy shit I’m glad she emailed me!
So I reply with the hours I’m required and how that will be 5 weeks.
Her response?
Is there anyway you could do more than 5 weeks?
I read this as: first you needed to “confirm”, now you want me there for more than 5 weeks. Does she want me at part-time hours for more than 5 weeks or at full-time for more than 5 weeks?
Here’s what is frustrating. I wish she would just say or give an idea of what her plan is. Is there a special project? A specific task? A PAID POSITION?
I am so confused! EXCLAMATION!
A friend told me I should say, “Sure! I can do more than 5 weeks at full-time if it’s paid!”
Yeah, I won’t say that.
All the (good) pictures from the engagement shoot are edited. On a scale of one to ten, I’m about a 7.5 happy with them. I’ll be mailing out the CD tomorrow. Now you can all breathe since you know that.
Take at look at these two, they are like peas and carrots, I tell ya.
Okay, here’s a picture from the shoot:
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