The intern contact called me on Tuesday to let me know what the plan is (didn’t seem to really be one) and to explain how they care more about training than hours (appreciate that but my prof wants 200 hours by July 20). My professor is willing to work with that but maybe until August, she didn’t seem to happy about anything beyond that.

TIC (the intern contact) was basically just asking if I’d be willing to work past 200 hours to get the best possible experience I could. Well, of course. I want that too. I can do that.

So over the phone she says that we should plan on me coming in Monday to just get familiar with everything, meet everyone and so on. Then she proceeds to say that the current intern’s last day is the 22nd so next week might be hit and miss as far as having room for me.

I guess by room she means, a place for me to sit?

The current intern works Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I could work Monday, Tuesday, not Wednesday, and we’d talk about the rest later.

As she gets ready to wrap up the conversation, I realize she hasn’t told me where to go on Monday, what time I should be there and so on.

I ask her and she says, “Get here at 9:00, no…how about 8:30, wait….I will email you all the details with directions and time so you will know what you need and where to go. Plan on Monday unless you hear from me, if you don’t hear from me it’s because it’s just so chaotic now.”

I haven’t heard from her. I’m supposed to plan on Monday if I DON’T hear from her yet NOT hearing from her means I have NO IDEA WHERE THE FUCK I’M SUPPOSED TO GO AND WHAT TIME.

I thought she meant, I’ll send you the email and plan on coming in unless I CALL you and tell you otherwise.

I emailed her earlier today and no response.

It’s just….annoying. This whole thing is frustrating and full of zero details or anything concrete. It’s not like I think it’s not going to happen but it’s almost getting to the point where I don’t want it to anymore. But there is no way I’m PAYING FOR THIS CLASS and not getting the experience OR  the credits!

Hello? Bad mood table for one! I was up really late last night “working” you could say. I was up early for a photo shoot this morning. My son is so so sick and it’s breaking my heart and the doctor just keeps saying it’s a virus which is probably true but I hate seeing my baby sick.


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  1. Where are you interning? This is so odd.


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