Thumbs Up

I’m outside watching the boys play. That means Gavin wants/takes everything Luke has & Luke gets mad.

I did put my suit on to catch some rays but I only lasted 20 minutes in the sun because it is really hot & humid today.

I did go into the job this morning because I came up with a plan. I had paperwork to turn in anyway so I could turn it in, at least talk to them face to face and leave if I shouldn’t be there. Or! Stay if I was supposed to.

I’m glad I went because I got to have a real conversation about the schedule vs trying to talk about it through email. I got to speak with my contact & her boss. Who I really like.

By the way? My contact is pregnant. When I saw her come around the corner I thought, “Aha! Pregnancy brain!”

It happens to the best of us.

I got a tour of the office. The intern I’m replacing walked me down to security to get my picture taken & I got to talk to her & ask questions about what they do. After that I came home. I am officially starting part-time next week, orientation is Monday. The following week I’m full-time until they tell me I’m done. I’m so very excited! I’m feeling more comfortable already.

Is it wrong that I’ve already made a goal in my own mind….about how awesome it would be if I could cover my contact while she’s on maternity leave?

Here’s my view right now.


That’s supposed to be a thumbs up for not being a scaredy cat & being awesome instead. But it’s not really a thumbs up. It looks creepy.

Did I mention it’s 90 & humid. Ugh.

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  1. Michelle S.

     /  June 18, 2012

    i’m jealous, my view is grey cubicle walls. Blah.

  2. I’m staring at my near-empty office. 🙂
    That would be awesome if you got to cover for your contact. 🙂

  3. I don’t think it’s crazy at all – it’s said that if you will something to happen and can visualize it, somehow the Universe makes it happen!

    So you never know 🙂


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