The Real Work

This week has been overall great. My internship is in human resources so all the recruiters and specialists are very nice to me. I’ve already done phone screening on my own and sat in on some phone interviews. Next week I suspect I’ll already start doing real phone interviews while the recruiter sits beside me and I’ll sit in on some face to face. I’ve worked on the budget input to grasp how the expenses work in the department and yesterday afternoon I was given my first real project with another intern that involves personality profiling for a list of departments to make sure they get the best fit. It helps to know this is in hospital and each department requires different personality and student vs. career.

This hospital is a teaching hospital and maybe that’s why it’s swimming with interns. In just our department there are ten of us. Five of us work closely together and are usually paired up for projects.

All of the girls are very young and while 3 of them are very nice there is two of them are not. The three that are nice, yeah they show their age some but are mature and professional and very helpful to me and make me feel comfortable. The other two are very catty and questiony and they talk about everyone. I learned this early in the week so it was no surprise to me yesterday when I came around the corner and heard them talking about me.

I’m already sensitive to the fact that I’m older and getting my degree later in life. So it didn’t help me feel better about it however I didn’t let them know that but I know they got to me and it pisses me off inside.

There’s one girl who doesn’t sit with us but she is constantly coming back to the two that do and discussing things she’s found in people’s files and whispering about it. This annoys me to know end. I’m not gonna lie and say if I found something in a file and found it to be interesting that I wouldn’t be fascinated but  you don’t discuss it with coworkers and hello? It’s HUMAN RESOURCES! That’s like the first rule of HR.

Next week will be much better as my desk will be open and I won’t be shadowing the girls who sits there now as today is her last day.

I know what I’m there for so I’m going to do it,  move on and move up.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Michelle S.

     /  June 29, 2012

    i like that “move on and move up”. Happy weekend!


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