You know what makes me sad? Bloggers who stop blogging. Hello? Don’t they know it’s like my favorite sitcom ending due to cancellation and the network doesn’t give a shit how much closure I need!?! Today while I ate my lunch (a ham sandwich, baked Cheetos, an apple, and Oreo’s, what?) I scrolled through my reader, which I normally just tap the high lighted ones as they are new posts, but I also scrolled through my list and a few of them haven’t updated in months! Sad face.

I have carpel tunnel and I hate admitting that. It’s gotten really bad in the last year and today it was excruciating. I told Rob during our drive on Sunday that I might need to go weak and have surgery on it. He asked me why I thought that was “weak”…I don’t know, I don’t have a good answer other than I hate it. I hate that it really hurts and I have to admit that. When I was 21 I broke my arm pretty bad and had to have a pin put in my elbow. The Dr. mentioned that I could get the pin taken out later in life if it ever bothered me. It never really has until recently during this insane heat wave both my elbow and carpel tunnel has been horrendous. Like this dull ache that even today was making me nauseous. I don’t have time for this! No time for surgery! Ugh!

Even though some bloggers stop blogging I still enjoy new bloggers and recently I enjoyed this post:

The Tomato Experiment

I feel like twitter is the new blog. It’s like you can blog in short spurts which ends up being more convenient and then when you do have time to blog (like now if you are watching Scooby with your 3-year-old) but find yourself being redundant. I don’t mind reading redundant things but I’m not so sure I want to write redundancy.

You know you’re spoiled when you”re all, “Why isn’t my computer auto capitalizing and auto correcting my grammar for me??” That’s called iPhone DEPENDENCY, people.

Not that I would know this. (That’s a lie)

I’ve had to cash 3 checks in the last week and I did all three of them by taking a picture of the check with my phone and uploading it to my bank. I’m not sure if I’m lazy or busy. Either way, I love you, iPhone.


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  1. In my new cubicle space, I haven’t been able to catch up on my google reader for fear someone is looking over my shoulder. I hear you on good bloggers who stop though.


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