Watching: Luke build something with all the baskets flipped over like tables. Usually this means he’s playing “kitchen” but he has hockey gear with him so I don’t think that’s it. Hang on, I will ask him. Oh, I got it. Luke: “It’s where my hockey friends can hang out and relax and it even has an outlet so you can plug in your baputer (computer).”

Thinking about: when/if I will find out if I’m for sure getting hired for a temporary/possible permanent position. How it will affect school. Here, help me:

I’m signed up for four classes, should I drop down to three or two? Should I wait to see the syllabus to make this decision to understand exactly what the class entails (easy or hard)? Three of them are online & they are good classes (compensation, negotiations, employee benefits) and exactly what I need for this HR thing. My fourth class is finance management and I prefer to drop that one if I have to only because I think it will be more demanding and if I am returning to work, I would rather get 9 credits this semester instead of keeping the financial management with one other class and only getting 6, does that make sense?

Losing you: if you don’t follow me on twitter, I apologize.  I have been approached and they are interested in keeping me to cover not just the one maternity leave I spoke about previously, but another maternity leave for a recruiter I did not learn was pregnant until later. These two maternity leaves will overlap each other. Apparently I’m impressing people left and right. Who knew? What I was told was that I would take a paid position at the end of August and stay until at least December and after that  it could become permanent or not. There are many changes and moving go on soon so we’ll see. I’m supposed to find out in a few weeks.

Ready for: my wedding shoot next weekend. I have everything I need. My friend is sending me her external flash, I have the lens I need, the batteries will start charging by Wednesday, I have a sitter for G, I have the itinerary ready, and I’m excited!

In love with: I bought a maxi  sun dress for a gender reveal party (it’s a girl, btw!) I attended last weekend and I was skeptical but I love, love, love it. It is so comfortable I want to wear it everyday. I bought a shorter sundress for 12 dollars from ON but it was not delivered in time so I caved and bought the maxi. SO glad I did.

Wanting: to be paid! Weee! To earn $$$.

Totally okay: if that doesn’t happen. I wasn’t expecting it at all so it would be WONDERFUL but we are okay if it doesn’t work out.

Excited for: a day at the beach KID FREE with my girls on Sunday! Lake Michigan, here we come!!!

Happy with: a low key weekend with my boys. The last two weekends have been jammed full and Rob has to work this weekend so there will no real schedule. We will sleep in on Saturday and I’ll make pancakes. 🙂 There will be a lot of folding laundry too.

Wondering if: wearing heels everyday is why my back is aching. Ow. Old  lady. Ow.

Selling: I want to sell my Tiffany bracelet. It’s the kind with the heart. Want to buy it?

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  1. Congrats on the career!! How exciting and awesome for you!! 🙂

  2. Whose gender reveal party? Did I miss something??!

  3. No, you did not miss anything. 🙂 It’s for my cousin!!

  4. Oh, okay. 🙂 I have not been keeping up with my blog reading and wondered if I missed something big–and I reread that line a million times. 🙂


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