It seems WordPress on the iPhone has been upgraded. Fancy!

I have this new feeling recently where everything I do seems like it was forever ago. Was it just last Sunday I ran the color run? Surely not. But it is.

This weekend has been calm. But busy. Grocery shopping, cleaning, visiting, hiking, lasagna making. I made todays dinner at 9:00am this morning. We were supposed to go to the zoo today but our plans got nixed. I thought it would be easy to come home and throw the lasagna in the oven after the zoo but instead we are just here waiting to put it in the oven.

Rob and Luke went on an overnight camp out last night. They both had fun. It was just Gavin and myself here. Gavin is so different to be around without Luke. He’s calmer. He sat next to me for an hour on the couch last night and was so peaceful that I didn’t realize it was about 45 minutes past his bedtime. And this morning he did the same thing. Just hanging out eating his dry cereal on the couch next to me.

Classes start in 2 weeks. I still have no real idea what’s going on. Yes, I will be working. Yes, I’m in as far as getting the job (I’ve been told) but I don’t know the timeline yet, which position I’m filling (there’s 2) and when I actually start (one leave starts in 2 weeks, the other in October). Either position is fine with me.

My back is really hurting. It tends to hurt a lot after I do laundry. This does not surprise me. Whose body doesn’t reject doing laundry?

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  1. -R-

     /  August 13, 2012

    The WordPress update is confusing me! Grrr.
    I had a few hours alone with Ree on Saturday night too. It was so weird. It was nice but so easy. She entertains herself! It is crazy!


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