Jupiter is a fake name

Luke got mad at me this morning because he didn’t like his outfit. He cried and whined about it. It was a Nike warm up suit, what boy does not like that??
Gavin was a terrible bugger when I had to wake him up. I had to chase him around and wrestle with him for 15 minutes to get him dressed. He went on strike when it came to breakfast. He cried and cried.
Luke was still mad about his Nike warm up coat.
I was working in a new place today (not in the file room) but I brought the next project along to work on in case of downtime and I was told, “We have way more important things you should be doing right now.” Oh, MAYBE YOU SHOULD TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE THEN, WHY DID YOU EVEN TELL ME ABOUT THIS? Maybe that was her way of telling me, but I thought it was a rude way.
I’d only worked this specific “position” for an hour last week and I was up there alone all day today. I learn fast. But I’m annoyed when I’m expected to know something I was never taught.
I was taught something (different) today to help someone out but we got distracted half way through so then when I finished it, I didn’t finish it right. I DO NOT LIKE IT WHEN I DON’T DO SOMETHING RIGHT.
I’ll be honest, I feel like I”m being treated how an intern should be treated. Like this is how I expected to be treated when I was an intern here, NOT A PAID EMPLOYEE.
I’m not in the real position I was asked to cover for, that doesn’t start until October 15th, I’m 100% sure I will like that better, THIS? I can tolerate this but tolerate is a strong word.
I am having a very bad day. I’m really trying to focus on how this is all worth it. (worth something?) I really hope it is.
I am so confused right now.
Oh wait, the best part! I almost forgot!
We have a copy center for giant copies or giant tasks we need to get done with paper and so I took down a bunch of files that need to be drilled for holes. I was friendly to the copy man, albeit my bad attitude today, and he WAS NOT NICE.
I so kindly said, “Hey! Copy Guy! How are you?”
“I guess okay.”
Should’ve known then.
So then I said, “So, these papers that we have bound together are in alphabetical order so Jupiter wanted me to let you know if you could be so kind and keep them as orderly as you can. We would really be grateful.”
You know what Copy Guy said to me?
WOOHOO! I guess I’ll get to realphabetize those suckers.
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