It’s Monday, what’s new?

News flash! I’m tired today. I think I get tired because I’m in this room. I’m not so tired when I’m doing the other stuff I do. But I didn’t sleep so well last night. I got a little anxiety right around the time I would’ve liked to go to bed which kept me up a little later than I like. Anxiety is a bitch. I had a really good weekend though. It was so beautiful! Friday night we were outside all evening just doing random stuff. Rob built a new fire pit and the boys helped move bricks and then I made tacos for dinner and it was just relaxing.
Sunday we went to the park so I could take pictures of the boys and wouldn’t you know it? It was a bit of a fail. I got some decent pictures of them separately, but definitely not together. A hug or a pose next to one another would quickly turn into a tackle or a push of some sort. While frustrating for a photographer, a bit funny as a mom. I actually thought about making a collage of all the “not so great picture moments” I did capture yesterday even if they are blurry. They are hilarious.
After the park we went and met some family at a local organic farm. We got to visit the animals and pick some veggies. Gavin ate an entire radish like it was apple. And when we got to the tomato part of the farm, ohemgee, the child was a tomato seed juice mess. Rob put G on his shoulders and G just kept eating away while tomato juice and seeds ran all over Rob’s head. It was glorious to watch that child at this farm. Luke wanted to bring home a bunny rabbit and I said no way. FARM TIME OVER!
I’m still not so sure about this place I’m in job wise. I go back and forth between hoping they will keep me, to being ready to leave here once the end of January comes. Back and forth, back and forth I go….like a swinging pendulum. I wonder these things and what’s going to happen. This is all very time consuming in my head. All I want to do is take a long nap and wake up feeling well rested. It’s unlikely that THAT will happen, I’m afraid. There is great stuff about this place and there is not so great stuff about this place, however, what is meant to be will be and that job I’m supposed to have is out there somewhere.
I had chicken soup for lunch and I am still hungry. This is upsetting.
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