I made up the word compewy

Do you know what’s not fun? Life. Okay, whatever, life IS fun or er, it CAN be but why must it be that when it rains it pours?
From the middle of September until the end of October I spent a lot of time away from kids, I juggled a million things, and after all that ended….I was sad. I am sad. The first week back into the real world I had homework to catch up on, a test to take, a paper to write (I got little help with that one. Ahem. NO JUDGMENT. Thank you, btw, you know who you are), a house to clean, and a few legal things to deal with. After that week? We all got sick. First Luke, then Gavin, then me, then Luke again, then Rob. This all lasted for about 2 weeks. Rob and I finally scheduled a weekend away. Right before we leave, his car decides to get an attitude. And Luke decides to start peeing and pooping in his pants again.
All I can think is that it’s because we’ve been gone a lot. Parenting fail.
Sunday after we got home we took Rob’s car to drop it off.
The mechanic calls me yesterday, “You need a whole new engine. It’s going to run you right around 3700 dollars.”
I told Rob how this year is reminding me a lot of 2009. I hated 2009. It was hit after hit after hit. Rob says this year is nothing like 2009. He says 2009 was way worse.
Blech either way. Compewy! Pfffffftttt! Yuck! I spit on you, 2012. (picture me being dramatic and spitting and making faces and then stomping on 2012 like a ciggie butt like Olivia Newton-John does in Grease)
The good news is that this job has given us the money to take care of things enough to where now taking on a car payment when I’m not working will feel the same as before give or take just a tad. That is not how I wanted this outcome to be but 2012 obviously had a plan in place and it follows through!
Some other news is that while I still don’t see a permanent position at the end of this assignment in January, I am hearing talk of another assignment which may mean I get to stay longer or leave for a bit and come back. This is all the doing of 2013 so don’t get excited 2012, you still suck. I am not keeping my fingers crossed though. But hell, I’ll take what I can get, I’m still in school anyway.
So last night we went car shopping which kept me away from my children even longer and when we came home Luke had peed his pants twice.
Mother FAIL!
The last good news is hopefully this newer car will have a radio that doesn’t need secret code to get it to do anything. By secret code, I mean it’s no secret, it’s a crap shoot. Maybe you have to push the button on the left and stand on your head to get the CD to play OR you might have to turn it on and off twice and clap your hands while pushing two buttons at the same time to get the radio to switch stations. And that’s the Xterra we are keeping. HIGH ROLLERS! Sorry, honey.
Have a great day.
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  1. Michelle S.

     /  November 20, 2012

    2. After rain stops falling, dewdrops sprinkle our gardens with incredible beauty.
    -Marcella Chamorro

  2. Michelle S.

     /  November 20, 2012

    Please don’t be so hard on yourself. Your not failing, you are doing an awesome job under some tough circumstances.

  3. Jenna

     /  November 20, 2012

    It’s MARITAL LAW that the woman gets the newer, better vehicle… Sorry Rob. Ur gonna have to take one for the team 🙂 and about Luke…apparently dogs do that too but like in your shoes so at least he’s not doing that, i guess 😉 AND YOU GO SANDRA D… STOMP IT BIOTCH! I love u & miss u stac!


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