My Sweet Luke, please go to sleep!

He started school the same day I started work. He got a babysitter. His mother (me!) started being gone a lot more because of my mom. Then his mom is sad a lot, there’s a lot of crying, and he goes to a funeral which I’m sorry, that is traumatizing.
Actually Luke and Gavin only went to one visitation for a short time and the lunch after the funeral. This was mostly for me because you know, I’M THE FAVORITE! And the favorite doesn’t feel like being the favorite when she’s sad.
I just read this blog post about being the favorite and I have to share this little part of it:
“She doesn’t listen to a word I say. I tell her not to do something and she says, wellllllll… and then gives me a pretty well-thought out reason why it’s a good idea to continue it, and then she does. She pouts a lot and she whines more than ever before and she begs for everything she sees at Target and she pretty much kicks Dave in the face if he tries to get within three feet of her, and frankly, being her favorite is getting PRETTY OLD. THERE ARE NO REWARDS TO BEING THE FAVORITE. Just more demands! I’d love to be her favorite if she was 40 and rich and freely buying gifts and/or my affection! Unfortunately, being a kid’s favorite person just means you have to be the one to load up a toothbrush with toothpaste or sing a third rendition of You Are My Sunshine or open a tube of yogurt or buckle a seat belt because NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT LIKE YOU DO. (Not as flattering as it sounds, people who do not have children. NOT AS FLATTERING AS IT SOUNDS.)” -Emily

Just change the SHE to HE and call him Luke!

And let me just share how it went at the visitation.

Luke’s conversation with my dad:

Luke: Papa, let’s go in there. (pointing into the room with the casket)

Dad: No buddy, Papa’s already been in there, come sit by me.

Luke: Did you see my Grandma?

Dad: Yes, I saw her.

Luke: She’s the dead one.

Annnnnddd that’s why kids should only be at any part of the funeral for 20 minutes.

After the funeral was over, I was home for a few days. I was also home the entire week before the funeral. After I went back to work, Luke was unhappy again because he misses me “terribly, Mommy!” Not long after we were all sick and either Luke was home from school or one of us was home from work, it was just inconsistent again.

Finally! We all get back to normal and I hear murmurs that Luke’s teacher was suspended pending an investigation. Next thing I know teacher has resigned and he gets a new teacher. ANOTHER CHANGE.

Over the last few weeks Luke has started having potty accidents again. He’s also been up as much as newborn and I had to take him back to bed FOUR times last night, TWO the night before, and Rob took him back to bed at least FOUR times the night before that.

I do feel for Luke, it has been a rough 4 months and that is a lot going on for a small boy but I swear that child is more demanding and sleeps way less than his baby brother ever has in the last 20 months. I can’t even remember the last time I got up with Gavin in the middle night.

Is Gavin going to do this too? OMG.

This post is going no where. I’m just as confused as this post is.

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  1. Jenna

     /  December 5, 2012

    Kids are resilient! (sp?) this too shall pass… Hang in there! Love u!

  2. It’s just a small dip, you’ll be on the upswing again – ride it out and do the best you can!


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