When I create a cute outfit from my closet with things I didn’t buy together, but go together, making a whole new outfit.

When my mornings start out early and I’m awake.

To be working with Camille. Seriously. She is amazing, kind, funny, and a wonderful mentor. She is a silver fox. I’ve always thought I might be a silver fox one day so she’s a little like my inspiration.

To see the glow of Christmas lights. They make my heart feel warm.

For Gavin. When I put my nose to his cheek and say, “Nuggle, nuggle, nuggle”, he giggles and then wants more by showing me with his nose to mine. It’s enough. It’s enough for me to be happy.

For Luke’s imagination. I can’t even. His mind is amazing and his vocabulary is blowing up. Yesterday he told us an entire story about his work (Fire Fighter) and the names of the different trucks, and what tools he uses, and the hydrants, and how G is his assistant (G didn’t seem thrilled because it sounds like G does a lot of the grunt work) because he is so busy and needs more work force. I just adore it and I hope his mind never stops.

When my husband kisses me goodbye before work.

For family.

For cards that continue to trickle in just because and to remind me people are still thinking about me.

For text messages and emails from people I have never met in person and the people who have been in my life for the last 35 years.

For memories.

For a house and 2 running cars.

For gingerbread houses that fall apart when you try to make them and for the little boys that steal all the candy.

To be able to buy Christmas presents.

For Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

For every night and every morning.

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  1. I’m glad you’re happy! You’ve had a rough year. Soon this year will be over and am hoping that 2013 exceeds your expectations. xoxo.

  2. There are a lot of tantrums at 18 months but man the cuteness is SO CUTE!


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