There is really no snow this winter and that is sort of odd. I would like to do some snow like activities with my family.

Luke was person of the week this week at school and I can’t figure out what the point was other than the person of the week gets to bring home a stuffed moose. I don’t think sending a stuffed moose to a different house every week is good way to avoid spreading germs. There’s got to be a better way.

My fake job was supposed to end tomorrow but I’ve been asked to stay two more weeks. I have no idea what this means and based on my performance this week, I would not recommend me for hire because it’s been a lot of nothing. Maternity leave lady is back so it’s just awkward like do I keep doing part of your job? Do I not? I have chosen not to unless she asks. I have 2 new projects to work on from other people who have not told me what to do yet. This is all very hard for me since I do not like any kind of situation where I’m in limbo unless it includes me being at home because while I type this and not work, I can think of a million things at home I need to do.

One of these things may or may not (may) include finishing season 2 of Downton Abbey. I started it a few months ago but lost time due to other stuff but now I just started season 2 and I’m in British heaven. About half way through season 1 I thought to myself, “Huh, am I watching this for the storyline or the outfits and hats?” Turns out I like both the storyline and the hats. I’ve also spent time wondering if I’d rather be a servant or a Lady, however I do like the idea of being called My Lady or My Ladyship. But they are also nice to their servants so I guess it would depend on who I’m working for as a servant. Being a servant would be fun because obviously me and my Lady would be besties and she would tell me all the gossip and ask my advice and I would pretend like I’m not astonished but inside I would be dying. ESPECIALLY if I had to carry a dead body. And being a servant would mean I could avoid situations like the scene before the dead body because I’d be just a servant HOWEVER, I would really like my hair done and the beds look really comfortable.

Speaking of gossip and advice…I don’t know what characteristic it is that I portray-but people love to tell me stuff. Before this week I sat in an office and I swear, it took maybe a month of me sitting there before they started circling and eventually it was the same 2-3 people coming in to tell me stuff they were frustrated with or “over heard”. I particularly enjoy these random counseling sessions because a) it gives me a break and b) IT’S FUN TO HEAR THIS STUFF. I should mention that I’m also really good at keeping this stuff inside (which is probably good since it’s particularly important I can keep my mouth shut) and most of the people that talk to me I really like so I wouldn’t say anything anyway but STILL. I held this same imaginary position at my last job too. It was the same 3 or 4 people that would just come visit me all the time and sit and talk for an hour or more….I AM TRYING TO WORK, PEOPLE. Sometimes this one thing is what keeps me always thinking I should have been a counselor but I think I would get too annoyed when I gave people logical advice and they continued to make stupid decisions.

I turned 36 on Monday. I feel exactly the same as I did when I was 35 but I think that one day when I’m 56, I might not. And just last week one of the latest interns guessed my age as 27 and without any probing from me so I’ll take it.

I’ve done a lot of private posts lately. It’s helped me immensely.

Estate stuff is exhausting and emotional but I feel very supported and I do feel like everything will be okay. I have no intentions of acting like someone I don’t like and if other people want to act like a turd, well that is up to them and they can live with that but I will not. But! I will not be pushed around. So, there’s that.

Classes started on Monday. Today is Thursday. I have done nothing yet towards either of these classes except download the new software, WHO AM I?
2013 is the year of wind. I’m breezy, I’m peaceful, I’m like the wind.

Through your tree.

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  1. I am absolutely loving Downton Abbey too. I went through a crazy catch up phase this week and saw all of season 1 and 2. I kind of regret watching it so quickly becaus now I have to wait for season 3’s episode to air to continue watching. Isn’t it just brilliant?

  2. I love the closing statement. I bet it feels good.


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