Blah, blah, BLAH

I am going crazy, people. This is really nothing new.
My job was supposed to end on January 18th. I was perfectly okay with that. I’ve had other calls, other inquiries and while nothing has landed me my dream job yet, I’m sure something will happen soon. And either way, it will be okay. I’m okay without a job for a while and really won’t start panicking until the end of 2014.
What is my problem then? Oh, let me tell you.
No one wants me to leave here. The director (Director Man) had 3 people go to him and ask me to stay to work on projects for them. So he did ask me to stay. Two extra weeks. Without permission from the VP. He’d rather “ask for forgiveness later”. That sounds delightful director, but why do I keep feeling like eventually someone is going to come up to me and ask, “Why are you still here?”
He asked me to stay on for one more week again now. ONE MORE WEEK. I have a problem with this. I have a problem with this because I WANT A REAL JOB. Not a week to week job. I would even be okay if he said, can you stay a month, but week to week? Now I’m getting mad and I’m feeling a little bit insulted. I also feel insulted because there are other jobs in the organization that the interns are getting left and right and I’m not even getting called. NOT EVEN CALLED. Okay, so maybe those jobs are not really what I want and I suspect they know this and I would probably quit as soon as I found something I did want BUT STILL!
The other part of this is that one of the people who really needed me to stay for a very important project never tells me what I need to do. We will call her Chicken. So we’ve had two meetings and she told me what to do and made it sound all difficult and I finished it in an hour. AN HOUR.
Let me back up for a second. So when Director Man asked me to stay on an extra week I told him I would have to talk to my husband about it. I really didn’t need to talk to my husband about it and yes, I am totally playing games but I HAVE A LIFE DIRECTOR MAN! Even if it is just Downton Abbey and homework but HE doesn’t know that. I try not to make decisions when I’m angry but I was having a bad day so I emailed Director Man and said that, I could not stay on for the additional week of Feb 4th but I could come back on the 11th if he felt he would still me need me then but I completely understand if he needed to move forward on these projects. Also? I would be more than happy to help out in the future if he needed me for anything else!
I wanted to add: MORE PERMANENT. But I didn’t.
I highly suspected he would say, thank you for all your help! And that would be that since these one hour projects are clearly a high priority but he did not say that. He said, that’s not a problem! See you on the 11th, then?
I said, sure! See you then, Director Man!
I either just fell for the week to week trap again or earned myself a week’s vacation. Either way.
Today I applied for 4 jobs during the first 2 hours of my day. I keep asking Chicken what’s next in the project and she keeps saying she will be with me soon. Soon is relative, I think. I didn’t really think I wanted to apply for jobs but when you are bored at your current fake job, you have nothing left to do but think about a permanent job you can be bored at.
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