My sweet precious out of control monster Gavin.

I thought Luke was dramatic because he would throw these unbelievable tantrums that you could not calm him down from and it was terrible. Terrible because it broke my heart and terrible because they were AWFUL. LOUD. THE SCREAMING. He would only do this about once a month and it was usually because he was tired.

Gavin? Gavin does it about….every other day.

And he is way more dramatic. When we tell Gavin he cannot do or have something he goes into complete NO mode and flings himself face down on the floor with his hands in front of his eyes. It’s phenomenal. From the point his face hits the floor everything you ask him is, “NO!!!!”

“Gavin, you may not unload the lazy susan but would you like to go get a fire truck from your room?”


“Okay, would you like to go downstairs and play with legos?”


“Alright Gavin, when you are done here on the floor, come get Mommy and we will do something.”

I start to walk away and he’s yelling no at me.

And the way he yells no is so unbelievably cute that it’s really hard to take him seriously.

I try to pick him up and just love him back to calmville but he has perfected the ability to throw his arms straight into the air and fling his head back so much that I’ve nearly dropped him a few times so I just leave him on the floor. I walk over him on my way to the kitchen and go about my business.

I thought last weekend we had hit the motherload of tantrums but last night beat them all.

The child slammed his door IN. MY. FACE.

Not once, but twice.

Needless to say but the transition from crib to toddler bed is not going well. I thought by Saturday night we had made progress after 4 consecutive nights of sitting in his room with him while he screamed to leave because he was upset for like one minute then pointed at a book and said, “Re bo.” He climbed right into his bed where I sat and read him two books where we looked for ducks and he quacked with glee. I taught him how to moo and he was delightful. When I left I think he cried/whined for maybe 5 or 10 min but went to sleep. This was huge.

Last night was the opposite of Saturday night. Rob tried first. I heard him on the monitor yelling for me or Rob so I went down and tried to read to him and offered to rock him. As you can imagine, every question I asked him was answered with a, “NOOOOO!”.

So I left the room.

Rob tried to go back in again and he failed at everything too.

Finally, my ovaries had had enough. I cannot stand to hear my child crying for this long without my ovaries going up in flames so I went back down and Rob said, “Okay, let’s bring him out to the couch and I’ll sit with him for a little bit.”

I opened the door to Gavin’s room to find him on his bed, face down crying. He had ripped all his bedding off and stuffed animals were every where but on the bed. He looked like teeny tiny inmate with no blanket. I said, “Gavin, would you like to go sit with Daddy on the couch?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Then the child got up walked over and slammed the door in my face.


I tried again and he did the same thing.

I walked back down the hall, looked at Rob and said, “Good night!”

I have no idea what happened after that but I suspect Gavin slept until noon today.

Let’s hope tonight is better.

*I wrote this post on Tuesday with the full intention of posting in Tuesday night but I never got around to it. Tuesday night was better, he yelled for a short time (20 min on and off) but when I went in there he asked to “Re bo” again so I obliged. He climbed right into his bed and I read the book. When I got up to leave, HE STAYED IN THE BED. “Ni ni, momma.”

Last night? He was unhappy for about 3 minutes but then I never heard another peep. Either he slept well or he escaped out the window but since I haven’t heard anything from the sitter, I’m going to assume he slept well.

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