I need your opinion about public bathrooms

I know I’m old when I buy my underwear in a 6 pack. Then I got excited because the pack they came in also doubles as a tiny tote for your purse!

This is troublesome.



When you are going to use a single public bathroom, do you knock on the door first before you try the handle? I sit next to the office bathroom right now (glamorous) and I’m astonished by how many people knock before they try the handle. Personally, I just gently try the handle and if it gives way then I slowly open the door. This give anyone who may have forgotten to lock the door ample time to say, “I’m sorry, I have forgotten to the lock the door, please come back in a few minutes.” Am I right? When people knock, I think it’s awkward for the person inside. At least when I AM the person inside. What do I say?

“I’m in here!”

“Be out in a few!”

“I’ll be out in a few but I wouldn’t come back to this one for awhile!”

“Stop knocking, go pick up your toys!” (whoops, this is my response at home)

When people knock, I don’t respond. I let them try the handle and come to their own conclusion that the bathroom is in use. They can assume I’m peeing but I’m probably taking a karate kick photo for twitter. Anyway, today I was using the bathroom outside of our department. Just outside our front door. It’s a single public restroom. I was doing my business when I hear the knock. I just ignore per my usual rule. Then it jiggles again. All this jiggling has created a pee stand off because now I can’t RELAX. At least now they should know but….NO, they jiggle again with more force and yell, “HELLO!”

“YES!” Apparently when not able to think appropriately my goto answer for bathroom knocks is YES. I’m so mad at this point because I’m also just standing up and realizing the toilet seat was wet. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?

I really wanted to say something when I walked out but since it’s my place of employment and I was wearing my badge, I decided to just not make eye contact. I’m so mature that way.


So my professor is a dick you guys!

Eh, I don’t know if he’s really a dick as much as he’s just challenging me to be a better student, right? Of course. What I found funny about his comment and crappy grade on my post for last week is that I actually thought I did do a good job compared to the week before when he gave me a 100%.

I also watched the video, read the chapter, and wrote this specific post all while my kids were running around me with a million interruptions. He said it sounded choppy. He’s probably right. But he was all, “First off, did you read it?” I actually did. Did I absorb it? MAYBE NOT. I need to quit doing my homework with my kids around. So today I did all of my homework problems for this weeks class at work. Hey, I’m either an A+ student or an A+ worker. I can’t be both.

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  1. Your post made me smile.

    I am not sure whether I knock first. Probably not. But if someone else knocks, I do say something. Probably “yes.”

  2. Stefanie

     /  February 12, 2013

    I agree: just try the handle gently (not obnoxiously forcefully). Don’t knock! If the door is locked, someone’s in there. Seems a pretty simple rule.

    We’ve got a one-seater at work too, but it’s one where we can just leave the door open when not in use. When someone’s in there, you can see the light under the door, so it’s pretty obvious.

  3. Jenna

     /  February 12, 2013

    I spit my coffee out ON MY PHONE when I read “prolly karate kicking a photo for twitter” LOL! ***KICK IT!***

  4. Christina

     /  February 13, 2013

    In a strange place, I knock. It’s awkward for everyone if you walk in on someone who didn’t have the sense to lock the door.

    We have a one person ones at work. As I am the only female, I don’t worry w/the ladies one. A client walked in on a coworker who didn’t lock it. I lock it. Why take chances?!?


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