Crack is where it’s at

It’s time for my daily blog because I’ve been looking at spreadsheets since 7:24 this morning and it’s now 9:34 and OMG THAT IS ONLY 2 HOURS? It feels like 4. At least 4, if not 6. I said to my coworker yesterday that I wished I could wear sweats and a t-shirt to work and she said, “Maybe you could do that project from home.” I perked up for a second but then I quickly realized that napping would not be getting the spreadsheets done.

Yesterday I squealed my minivan tires out of a parking lot. Absorb that for a second. It wasn’t on purpose but my husband was with me and he was all, “Whoa crazy soccer mom, calm down.” I almost peed my pants. I didn’t even know that minivan tires could squeal.

Rob and I ride to work together. This is equal parts wonderful and…..sometimes not so wonderful. He hates the way I drive so he’s all sigh-y and I hate the way he drives so I’m all scared. Actually, I love the way he drives in the snow. And I love that he cleans the car off before we go and we get to chat to and from work. I do not like the way he drives on dry pavement. Especially dry pavement that could be icy and if we hit this imaginary ice in my head, we are DEAD. Usually during these moments that I feel like I’m going to die, I focus on the phone and twitter. I guess when my life flashes before me, it will be a twitter stream.

My coworkers had a going away party for one of their own last night and this is the third after work activity I have missed. It’s really hard for me to do stuff like that during the week especially if I already have plans for one night that week because there’s the MOTHER’S GUILT. I cannot be away two nights in a row to miss dinner and bedtime. But today after hearing all the fun that was had, I’m sort of sad I didn’t go. I guess one lady was really drunk and one of the young male interns peed outside in front of the building right in front of a co worker’s spouse who is a Lieutenant for the local police department. Fantastic. While all this was happening I was reading Goodnight Moon for the second time, but that’s way better anyway because when we get to the part about the old lady whispering hush, Gavin puts his finger to his lips and goes, “Sssshhh”. And that is really what is fantastic. I die every time.

Everything Gavin does right now is so cute and sweet. He’s in this stage right before he turns two that everything is adorable. And Luke, well, I feel like I nag Luke a lot. I’m trying hard to focus on what he does well and only give him that kind of positive attention while ignoring his negative behavior but he really pushes it. He is always hungry you guys and I need to come up with some alternative snacks. Any ideas? I do grapes, bananas, apples, CheezIts, graham crackers, peaches….maybe I need to just buy more of these because he likes them but we run out quickly it seems.

I tried to watch Downton last night (from Sunday) and I only got about 30 minutes in but I’m so glad Bates is out of prison. I’m not even really sure how they proved that because I thought the old hag wasn’t going to talk but whocares! I’m just glad he’s out because those prison scenes were THIS CLOSE to making me fast forward through them.

Back to spreadsheets!

We are getting Jimmy Johns for lunch today. I think that bread from there has crack in it. I can’t wait.

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