I will miss you, Shot Lady

I’m actually buckled down and working today since my last day is Friday. I don’t want to leave them with crap that isn’t done.

But not buckled down enough to not blog, apparently.

I had dinner with my girls on Saturday night. Amelia made a fantastic homemade lasagna, a crunchy green salad, and this terrific warm cheese with bread appetizer. It was heaven….because my heaven will mostly certainly have plenty o’ bread and cheese. Hmmmm.

Anyway, while we were all jamming bread and cheese into our mouths I started in about my recent calls I’ve gotten for jobs and what’s going on. I said, “Next week is definitely my last week at the hospital.”

Two of the girls said in unison, “Yeah right.”


Rob emailed me an hour ago asking if I had been asked to stay yet. I have not! This might really be it. I’m really going to miss some people around here. The Silver Fox for sure. Sob.

I will also miss the cafeteria. Not so much when I’m just home but most definitely when I get a new job because most places do not come with a cafeteria with so many options. I will have to make my own chex cups. Sad face.

Let me tell you what a chex cup is. It’s colby jack cheese chunks, red grapes, and chex mix. They make them in these clear plastic cups and they are the perfect little morning snack.

They also have a coffee cart. And a coffee shop! I drink my coffee black but last week when I almost fell asleep at my desk, I knew I needed a specialty coffee because that is the only coffee that really gets me going. And it did. I zipped around here for a good 4 hours hours before I crashed again at 2:30 but hey! It worked for a little bit and what will happen when I don’t have a coffee shop to turn to? Sobs.

I might have more pay to turn to though, and you know…an actual permanent position but this isn’t about that.

I’m going to miss The Whisperer. This wonderful wonderful lady who is actually the person who introduced me to the chex cup but she cracks me up because every time she calls me she whispers. Usually she’s calling me to tell me something that deserves whispering but sometimes she’s just calling to see if I want to walk down to get a chex cup and I’m all, “Whisperer…why are you whispering?” And she giggles and laughs (which is the best, she is very jolly) and says, “I’m not sure!”

I am most certainly going to miss Shot Lady. So many people came to talk to me when I returned to work after my mom died but she came directly into my office, shut the door, and set a clear shot glass on the table. She took out the pint of whiskey and she said, “Let’s do shot.”

No, she didn’t do that. She did however say just the right things I needed to hear. That’s not easy to do because it’s all about timing. But she’s also 70 years old. And her mom died (many years ago) from the same thing mine did. She checks on me all the time and I just adore her for that. And sometimes when Shot Lady wasn’t on her speaker phone having super loud conversations with her door open, it sounded like she was doing shots in her office. I can’t explain it. It was like some noise she would make with her mouth followed by a slam and then another noise that could be interpreted as, “Shit, that was good.” So that’s how she got her name. (And actually, the day after the last work outing I wrote about recently, I came across some information that Shot Lady had bought 3 bottles of wine for the table that night. This did not surprise me.)

It’s all about the name, people. Director Man got his name because he’s the director. He’s rather boring but very nice.

I’m not so sure I’ll miss The Big Chicken. You could really take her or leave her, in general she is quite rude but she is very, very smart. I’ve learned a lot from her and I bet there is a million more things to learn. Sometimes it’s hard to focus because I’m trying to avoid getting poked in the eye by her giant torpedo boobs (I swear there’s a built in shelf under there) but when I sit down at the computer with her and her torpedos are facing the computer, I absorb a lot.

Speaking of The Big Chicken, she just came out and said, “Your last day is Friday?” And I said, “Yes, I believe so.” And now she’s off.

Oh boy. Back to work!

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  1. You got to make some long lasting friends. Can’t wait to see what the future brings.


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