The Big Retraction

I take back everything I said about The Big Chicken and her torpedo boobs. I had two homework problems left over to do and they were really stumping me. I printed off the example copies and searched the department and internets for a math genius. No one here in the department was a math genius (I don’t blame them) and the only person left to ask was TBC. I didn’t think she was going to come in that day due to the ice storm but she rolled in around noon and when she walked past me at 2:00, I went for it. I handed her the copy, I pointed at the part I understood, and told her what I didn’t understand. She stared at it for a good 5 minutes and I was thinking, “It’s okay if she doesn’t know it.” Just as I was getting discouraged she said, “Oh, here’s how you do it.” And there it was. I wrote down her instructions, typed it into the website where we do our problems, and got 100%.


I bought her an individual coffee cake the next morning for her helping me. Not long after that she yelled at 3 people in the office. She might be a math genius but she is not a nice lady.

My second problem was solved with the help of an Internet friend from the twitters. I would much rather have been able to give her an individual coffee cake AND coffee AND gotten to hang out while she reviewed my problem, but maybe in the near future that will happen. 😉

I’m having a really hard time not getting discouraged about a job. Every intern or intern like me who stayed on to help has gotten a job before they left or the timing worked out perfect that they started right after they were done here. NOT ME! The weird contrasting difference is that I’m not quite done with my degree but have a lot of experience where they are done with their degrees but don’t have much experience at all. My only fear is that if I don’t find something in the next 3 months then the time that grows between this experience and my next job is a negative thing. I’m all teary and messy about this. A hot mess. I did some networking this morning with one of the ladies here that I’ve been admiring from a far, but it turned out I had a question for her this morning which turned into a really good conversation and her taking my information. She recommends I try to have coffee with the VP before I leave tomorrow. GULP. VP’s make me nervous.

I told Rob on the way home yesterday that I was interested in tackling some painting projects while I have some time off. He asked me how I planned on executing this with two boys who are also half wild animal. I had a plan! Luke is less wild animal than Gavin so I thought when Luke gets home from school and Gavin takes a nap, I will paint! He had a different idea. I could buy the paint but he would do the painting. This might work.

Last night when it was taking 45 minutes to get Luke to bed, I asked Luke if he wanted to paint his room a new color. Would this interest him if he had a “cooler” room….would he want to stay in there more at bed time? He said YES! “I would like a fire truck red room, mom. I want all the tools on the walls and a ladder!”

This might actually work. And I already have a quilt with red in it for a bed his size (I’m hesitant to go too far on bedding since things have the potential to change this summer with the bed size situation). I could probably find fire truck sheets or pillows for sure! Now my mind is on fire (no pun) and I’m going straight to my iPad when I get home to stalk pinterest!

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  1. did you meet with the VP?


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