Gray Hair Sucks

So in my attempt to wear my hair down more often I have discovered about 700 more gray hairs than I thought were there.

Um, one of the reasons I want to wear my hair down more is so that when I do wear my hair down people are not like, “You look like a completely different person. You could rob a bank with your hair up and then wear it down the next day and no one would recognize you.”

I think that’s fairly dramatic but yeah. I recently asked my friend is she ever curls her hair, she responded that she does like to curl her hair but when she does people make a big deal out of it and she feels…sort of stupid for curling her hair. This hit home with me because I feel the same way when I wear my hair down and when I do wear it down I am more inclined to curl it (95% of the time), I only don’t curl it if it’s going in a messy bun or pony.

Right before Gavin was  born I was curling my hair regularly and my hair was in great shape. I felt like Rapunzel. As a matter of fact, here I am.

I think if I’m going to rob a bank though, I’m doing it with my hair down so I have more options with my up do styles while on the run and no one is recognizing me.

March 20, 2011 030-1

But then I popped that maniac child out…



This is proof he’s a maniac, not proof of him coming out. I’m pretty sure you gathered that.

That’s when curling my hair was the last thing on my schedule. And also I went practically bald. My hair is finally catching up and Gavin will be two a week from Monday (sob!).

My whole point of all of this is that when I curl my hair, there are two sections in the back on the bottom that are clearly more GRAY than brown when I’m running them through the curling iron.


I need a new color, people (COLOR ALL OVER!). This is what all of this rambling nonsense is telling you and I really like this:


What do you think? This is basically my hair style but I’m going to grow my bangs out a smidge.

Am I too old for this?

What is the opinion on the ombre?

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  1. Jenna

     /  March 31, 2013

    I have also committed to wearing my hair down more b/c I went to a seminar for work with a messy low bun & I felt like a scuz! Everyone had their hair down & styled & shit. I felt totally unprofessional! And I dont care how old I get, I will wear my hair however I want! YOUNG WOMEN STYLES UNITE! I do need a style and I like your choice…lets do it! But how do you get the curl… Curlers? Iron? Help me be sexy LOL

  2. I like the hair in that photo.

  3. littlehoneybear

     /  April 1, 2013

    I like the ombre look. I had it done on myself and I LOVE it. I think that would look really good on you…plus, it’ll make you want to wear your hair down more….

  4. yes, go for it. It would look great on you! Style included.


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