In case you’ve waited on the edge of your seat, I did not get the job that involved the 5 hour 8 person interview. I’m actually glad I didn’t because I did not want it after the interview so I’m glad I didn’t have to turn them down or feel bad for not taking it. I did get the temporary job for this summer for another maternity leave. Apparently everyone who works in HR where I live is pregnant and I’m here to cover for them. Ha! I’m like the Mrs. Doubtfire for HR.

“Help is on the waaaay!”

I stopped applying for jobs because I thought it would be rude to quit this job halfway through or before I even start since I made a commitment. Um…however, I still get jobs emailed to me and this morning I woke up to my dream job in my email. Doing what I do but in a school. After much thought, I decided to apply because I probably won’t get it but if I didn’t apply, I think I would regret not applying. Got that? So I applied.

Every time I apply for a job my mind plans my entire life out as if I’d already gotten the job. This is such a blessing! NO IT’S NOT, IT’S SUPER ANNOYING and I’m a crazy person!  My first day on the new job was yesterday. I’m just working a few days in April and then starting full-time May 10th. I can tell this job is going to great experience from a different aspect of HR so I’m excited. It’s a really small hospital. The “team” is CEO, CNO, Quality Director, Materials/Accounting Director, Marketing Director, ME. It’s great to get the experience to work with people at that level but also a tad bit scary. Okay? Ok.

Gosh, I’d really like the job in that school though.

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  1. That’s exciting! What good experience! And hell yes apply for that school job. Gotta go for the dream job if it is right there in your inbox! (For the record, I do the same thing every time I apply for a job.)


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