Baked Alaska

It’s 6:30am on Mother’s Day. Luke came to my bed at 5:00am. I thought it was the usual morning snuggle until he said his tummy hurt. He’s been up since puking up gummy bears. He’s actually finally fast asleep beside me. Hopefully the puking is behind him.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I blogged. It feels like nothing has happened yet so much has happened and I miss blogging but it’s hard to sit down on my laptop at the end of the day when all I really want to do is go to bed. Two small boys keep me busy.

I know I whined a lot about the weather. Mother Nature made up for it last week when it was basically summer for a week straight. My face is tan, we went on a ton of bike rides, visits to the park, ate our lunches outside, played baseball, had a camp fire, roasted s’mores. Glorious.

The rain finally let up and the sun was in full effect but the water in the basement was still going strong. Last weekend was the first weekend since April 13th that there was no water in the basement. The dumpster came and we were able to get rid of all the crap that was ruined from the water but also all the crap you sort of collect because it might be too big for the normal trash. While I do feel like the load has lightened, we still have crap everywhere. Everything from the basement playroom and guest bedroom is either in our mud-room or the office and there is no playroom for the boys. Rob finally got the guest room painted yesterday. He’ll paint the living area of the basement next and then hopefully carpet will be here in the next few weeks. The biggest project though will be installing a sump pump so this doesn’t happen again. I don’t believe that statement to be true but let’s just go with it. We can’t do that though until the ground dries up a bit so we are hesitant to install the carpet before that.

Yesterday I had to go through my mom’s things to make an inventory for her estate. I didn’t look forward to the day but I found something that made me smile. I don’t know why but there are certain things that I need to know and it bothers me that I can’t ask her, like what time I was born. I looked at my birth certificate and it didn’t say the time. Yesterday I found the card that the hospital puts in the bassinet. And there was the time, 2:45am. Along with it though was a pamphlet from the hospital cafeteria. She wrote the date and her name on it and she had circled her order for dinner that day.  She had Baked Alaska for dessert. I had to Google it. Man, it looks yummy. It might seem strange, but knowing these things makes me happier. Makes me feel like I can still learn new things about her even though she’s not here, like she’s still telling me stuff I didn’t think to ask before.

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day, sweet friend. Baked Alaska and you all in one day? Lucky lady.


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