Monday, Tuesday

Ahhh…a Tuesday that feels like Monday all day. I don’t know if I love it or hate it. Pregnant girl is officially on leave as of this morning. She did not have her baby but sent me an email saying that she just cannot take coming to work anymore. I totally get it. I immediately wanted to cry. In fact, I did get huge tears in my eyes. Luckily, it was 6:50am and I was alone. I don’t know what it is, I do not want to be at this job. I don’t have any good reason or explanation other than I feel full on anxiety about it. It’s not the desire to be home with my kids in fact, on Sunday I was all, I have one more day to entertain these two? LORD HELP ME. I basically single parented all weekend because Rob worked more than a person ever should on a holiday weekend…I was doing great until Sunday afternoon when I thought, wow I have accomplished everything I really wanted, now what?

My dad called me yesterday afternoon asking if we wanted to have a cookout. By we, he meant me basically doing all the cooking and serving while also wrangling my kids and yelling at them to share and to stop beating each other up while he watched laughing while waiting for his cheeseburger to come off the grill. No thank you. He was taken aback by my response, I could tell. “NO?” Yes dad, NO! Probably because I never say no.

The other thing I said no to was the neighbor coming over about 4 times. I couldn’t figure out if I was being bitchy or just normal but it was pouring down rain, both of our basements (playrooms) are still dismantled, and I have know no where to send them to play! The neighbor boy had been over a significant amount on Friday night and Sunday and sometimes they play great (hour tops) but mostly the neighbor boy is just a bully and mean to Luke and it sickens me the way Luke just does everything he says (although he has gotten better about standing up for himself). I didn’t want that yesterday. Luke and Gavin were playing amazing together and we had watched a movie and it was just….quiet. They had a few moments but mostly they were getting along and I didn’t need the neighbor boy coming in and ruining that. The fourth time he came to the door he brought his big brother. Luke answered and they asked if he could play again and Luke said no. “WHY NOT?”, the big brother asked. BECAUSE I SAID SO! Urgh. That makes me mad. The big brother said they could play outside if Luke could and I said no again. It’s raining and that’s okay, really Luke can play in the rain if he wants but then Gavin is going to want to follow Luke and the biggest tantrum will ensue because Gavin doesn’t understand that he can’t play outside without me and I’m not going to stand in the rain to watch them.

Wow, writing this is really making me rethink that whole third baby fiasco. PROBLEM SOLVED.

And the other thing is that, did neighbor boy think about asking if Luke could go there? NO. Because no one really wants 3 boys in a house that has no playroom while it’s pouring rain outside SO STOP COMING OVER AND ASKING. Stop letting him come over and ask, MOTHER OF NEIGHBOR BOY!

This is the mother that I actually like. The mother that I love living next door to (sounds like it, huh?) but I will forever not like that her child is a bully and treats Luke not so nice.

I have class after work from 5:30 until 10:30 pm.

This is not helping anything

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  1. littlehoneybear

     /  May 28, 2013

    Boo. 😦 I feel for you! Sending some cyber hugs your way. xoxo


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