Work it Out

*I wrote this yesterday, so today’s lunch was a little better. It involved a Rice Krispie Treat.

After writing that last post and posting it, I started to feel my blood boil just a little bit. To be able to post on the blog here at work, I have to type the message in my work email. Email it to my personal email. Check my personal email on my phone and then copy and paste the message to the WordPress app on my phone. Glory be. Thank God for smart phones and the internet that I can travel with at all times. Take that internet blockers. I understand why you do it but sometimes a writer needs to write. (I didn’t say I was a good writer)

I eat my lunch in 10 minutes. Today it was a mix of a lot of things that I took about 4 or 5 bites of each and then gave it the look of death and tossed it in the trash. I accidently mistook Broccoli Cheddar soup for Potato soup. Barf. Except the mint Oreos. I ate all three. So now I’m bored and there is no one to talk to up here so I’m writing again to tell you more about what the neighbor boy does to Luke.

He calls him Luke the Loser for one thing. This happened at our house and I stopped him. I told him if I heard it one more time he wouldn’t be welcome back for the rest of the day. He stopped. I heard it at his house. I heard him say it about five times before I finally interrupted his mom who was talking to me so I could tell her son to not say that anymore. The mom acted shocked and appalled. And then she says stuff like, “They just gotta work it out on their own.” She mentioned this again on Sunday to me after she was told by her BIL that Brian was being extremely bossy to Luke. They were all in the yard while she was inside. He went in to tell her and she said, “They will work it out.” She told me this later when I talked to her. I usually reply, “Well, I just send him home when he’s a bully.” She knows he’s a bully. She tells me this.

Do you believe that I should just let them work it out? Because what I believe is that your child is a jackass and you don’t want to deal with it.

The other thing the neighbor boy does is make fun of Luke’s bike. ALL THE TIME. But then he wants to ride it and tries to get Luke to ride Luke’s old bike. Luke will give in and I’m always outside when Luke is on his bike, he is not allowed to ride without an adult outside so when I see him do this, I say, “No, you ride your bike and neighbor boy? You get your own bike.” Then he will tell Luke bikes are stupid.

When he came over right after Luke’s room was finished he said, “This room is stupid and for babies.”

Luke was so upset. I have never seen a kid so understanding of what it means to shit all over someone’s parade like this kid. I get so mad about this, like I almost feel unnaturally mad about it, like I’m overreacting but I have had other kids over at my house and no other kid says these things or acts this way. I’ve never had another kid make Luke cry like this kid does. Okay, except maybe Gavin.

The worst part about it is the minute the child is in my house it’s like I’m on him, you know?

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  1. Jenna

     /  May 29, 2013

    Fuck THAT shit! I’d tell neighbor boy to find a new friend! No really! Will had a neighbor “friend” that wasn’t NEAR that mean & I straight up told him “you are not friends with Will anymore. Period. End of story.” he was all nooooooo! I said “know what bridge you’re standing on before u burn it” he was like huh? Lol! Then he moved away. Seriously protect Luke Stac & tell the mom to get a fuckin clue! Oh and call me at work when ur done blogging during the day lol 574-289-0337 X301 I’m there til 2:15 🙂

  2. Christina

     /  June 3, 2013

    NO! They do not work it out on their own. My son will be 9 tomorrow, and if I heard him or his friends talking to each other like that I would STILL speak up. To a point, they need to work it out on their own, but that’s at a point that when an adult is there, they are obligated to step in. Good grief!

  3. I was totally mean to some little boys who were picking on other kids at my niece’s graduation. I was like, “Oh you think you are so tough?! I don’t think so!” and stared them down. I WAS RAGING. And it wasn’t even my kid they were picking on. So.

    I do think kids do need to settle things on their own mostly, but I don’t think this is that kind of situation.


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