Please, hold your applesauce

I had a phone interview for a job yesterday. I was asked the following questions:

Why is a manhole cover round?
How would you sell ice to an Eskimo?

I’ve been interviewed quite a bit in the last year or so but I was absolutely stumped by these two questions.

My friend worked in insurance 7 years ago and recently when she got a new vehicle she called to check on the quote and to get a transfer done. She made a few references in insurance language and the agent was all, “So you used to work in insurance?” She said yes. “Well, hey! I’m looking for someone, can you send me your resume?”

She wasn’t really looking for work, she didn’t have a resume. He said, “Just give me what you got on a post-it note.”

She got the job.

And here I am getting asked questions like, why is a manhole cover round? WTF, Universe?

Life is weird.

I’m liking the job somewhat better, I’m starting to feel more at home here. I always struggle with that part of transition. Part of the reason I think this job makes me nervous is that it reminds me a lot of the jobs I had before I stopped working and went back to school. I did not feel adequate in those jobs and I did not really enjoy those jobs (mostly the last one) but I am liking this one! I’m getting in my groove. It’s like how I got my Human Resources Groove Back. Wait, that’s stupid.

Summer class started 2 weeks ago. It’s a Business Writing class. I really like the professor. He’s all, “No one is a bad writer, just know your flaws.”

Oh yes, I know my flaws.

My mind moves faster than I type, I forget words all the time.
I’m famous for mixing up poor/pour, know/no, applause/applesauce (wait, this one is only when I read which really happened to me in my 8th grade advanced reading class when it was my turn to read out loud. I was just zipping on through as I do and suddenly the class is laughing and my old lady teacher who was already quirky enough was howling and fell on the floor laughing because I had read applause as applesauce.)

It’s not that I don’t know the difference between those words but sometimes my fingers just type before my brain has a chance to process anything substantial. Pretty much the story of my life. I don’t always have time to proof read. But when I NEED to proof read…like for class or work, I read everything out loud to myself. It’s the only way, man.

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