My plans are the best plans but only in my head

The first three days of this week were insanely busy. I feel myself coming to a screeching halt, not that there isn’t stuff to do but because I’m just coming to a screeching halt and don’t want to do anymore work. I’ve call the counter part in the next town over more times than I’d like to admit. She is a really nice person, she does not mind if I call her, but I hate calling because I like to be perfect. There, I said it. Like we all didn’t know that already.

The class I’m taking this summer is supposed to be every other Tuesday but he changed the schedule so that we come to the classroom the first two Tuesdays and well, that is a long Tuesday. I put Gavin to bed on Monday and I don’t see him until I get home on Wednesday afternoon and that is just too long without a snuggle from the world’s best snuggler. He’s also the world’s best turn-everything-into-something-I-can-beat-my-brother-with. The worst part about class is that he’s telling me all this stuff that I already know. It’s all online and all you have to do people is READ THE DIRECTIONS. It’s not so hard. I just sit in class on my laptop and for awhile it feels nice, like I can be on the computer without any interruptions from the children but then it starts to be like, I’m running out of things to look at on Pinterest and the people on FB are making me mad.

I get so infuriated about a family member who allows her daughter to swear and flip people off on FB. Seriously! I’m not a prude by any means and I’d be stupid if I say I expect my children to never swear or whatever but come on, don’t put that stuff out there like that (unless you’re anonymous, anonymous is ok, I’M anonymous so I feel the need to say that. Correction: I’m not anonymous to you as much as I hide from family/work ever reading this).

Last night we made homemade pizzas and the boys made their own pizzas and this does amazing things to their ability to eat all of their dinner. Luke’s pizza was evenly spread with sauce, cheese, and the perfectly placed pepperoni. Gavin’s pizza was heavily sauced on one side with a pile of cheese in the middle with one pepperoni on top of his cheese mountain.

We had the official conversation on Saturday about Third Baby. I say official because most of the conversations we have had is in passing or at times when we both knew it wouldn’t be now because Gavin was still too little. But now the timing is getting right or getting where I would want to have TB in 2014. So we chat about it and it’s all:

We have a 5 bedroom house; rooms are not an issue.
We have a minivan; car ride seating is not an issue.
Yes, we do want TB, we just want to be smart about it financially and we recognize we will be outnumbered.

Rob has one condition:

I cannot be crazy hormonal lady when pregnant for TB. I can’t promise anything but he seems hopeful.

So we decide for me to make the appointment. I have to go to an appointment to make this happen. When I lay down in bed Saturday night I’m struck with terrifying thoughts:

Hair loss; again.
Excess saliva; again.
Nausea; again.
How will this affect my future employment? I’m going to graduate in 2014 no matter what but I can’t really look for job while I’m 8 months pregnant depending on when I get pregnant and so…..I don’t know. More than likely at the end of the Spring semester in 2014, I will have one class left. If I have the baby in June, I could take the summer off but look for jobs and start work in the fall. Doesn’t this sound like a great plan? I’m so good at planning things that I have no control over. But this plan makes total sense!

Daycare. Possible newborn daycare. Eh, this doesn’t really bother me. My MIL is very helpful and it did not work out for her to watch the kids this past year but it wasn’t because she wouldn’t it was because Luke had crazy pre-school start/end times and transportation was tough but this would not be an issue in the foreseeable future because a) I don’t plan to send Gavin to preschool because I’ll send him to pre-k and b) Luke will be in school all day. Or we put TB (for the record, I wrote him and not TB initially) in daycare that is not a family member and TB hates me forever. I’M OKAY WITH THAT.


Please advise.

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  1. Shannon

     /  June 6, 2013

    Third Baby! Only because I live vicariously through you and your adorable children. Kidding. Kind of. But you have a plan…obviously things do not always go according to plan, but I say, go for it! I’ll quit my job and nanny for you. You can pay me in baked goods. 😉

  2. Yay! Do it! I think that your “plan” is a good one. Even though plans don’t always work out in the exact order you want, it’s good to at least have some sort of plan in place.

  3. Michelle S.

     /  June 11, 2013

    go for it. Exciting!


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