Just One Paragraph: dreams

Just One Paragraph

Sometimes I like to waste my precious time, because I have a ton, on my realtor app. I like to look at regular every day houses and I like to look for cottages. Our goal is to have a cottage by the time we are 40. I don’t think that’s too far fetched. It’s a goal. And if it’s 42, that’s okay but we like to set goals, talk about dreams, try to make them happen. Our goal for next spring is to get a pop up camper. I want to camp away every weekend next summer and I think the boys would love it. Anyway, my point is that when I look at regular houses I never find one that I like more than my own. Even the empty new houses. Because there’s always something missing that mine has. Like a fenced in backyard. Seriously. A fenced in backyard is so nice. Or I don’t like the cookie cutter neighborhood. OR I might find a house with land, which would be awesome, but the kitchen will be nasty and need a ton of work. I love my kitchen. Yes, our bathroom needs work, our office is straight up unicorn purple, and we don’t have a fire place (oh how I want a fire place) but that can all be fixed. Rob promises we could possibly put in a real gas fire place and pretty soon the bistro (finished mud room) will look something like this:


And our bathroom could look like this:


This is all possible thanks to my handy husband.

It was our intention to live in this house forever but I guess I sort of thought I’d become unhappy or want something else but I really do love this house.

And staying in this house makes buying a cottage more of a reality and not just a dream. I hope it has a porch where I can drink my coffee while all the boys are out fishing.

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  1. Christina

     /  July 24, 2013

    We moved in November, and it is absolutely my dream house. It’s big, but not huge. Everything is functional. It’s not a McMansion, but compared to where we were…Double-ish the square footage. My favorite parts: We went from 1.5 baths to 3.5 baths!!! Sounds excessive, but one is master bath, one is family bath, half bath on main level, bath with shower in finished basement that hubby uses after working out. We still have a fenced yard.
    Nothing I would change, and we’ll be here forever, because to quote hubby “We’re not moving again.” It’s a lot of work! 🙂


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