The Weekend

This week has been a rough one. Two tests due by Wednesday at midnight. One was posted Sunday night, the other posted on Tuesday morning. Not much notice. Most professors give a lighter work load the week of a test but not my Employment Law professor. No, let’s double those assignments to 5 this week. My word. I’m really not impressed with him since his syllabus has not matched a thing he’s assigned through our online blackboard. Luckily, I’m not the only student confused since everyone is also posting messages that kindly say, uh…what the fuck is going on? The best part, he doesn’t respond. I’ve sent him two personal emails and no response.

It felt like every night after work I had something to do, meeting with lawyer, second interview, or come straight home & do homework immediately. Not feeling like the best mom at all. Friday after work I got my grocery shopping done right away so I could focus on my kids all weekend. Friday night we had an impromptu visit from the papa, MIL, and my brother which made for a fun evening. I made homemade pizzas and we all chatted. Gavin put on a small concert, I wish I could get a video of him singing. I die every time.

Saturday we got up early and headed out birthday present shopping. We came home & Luke helped me clean. After cleaning we went out to the farmers market to get more honey crisp apples & came across the most amazing pumpkins. It was not the intention to by our pumpkins yet but they were just fat and perfect with the most amazing stems. I also threw in a jar of homemade jam. Yum. Luke was itching to be outside more so I said we could drive by this nearby farm to see if it was open. It’s a little early yet for the pumpkin/farm thing but eh, it was open and they had homemade donuts so we made a quick pit stop. Gavin is so terrified of chickens, it should not be funny but it is. He shrieks and shakes and runs away. He did this at the zoo this summer too.

After the farm it was Gavin’s nap time. I headed out for a quick mani/pedi and had an hour of me time. Last night I did some more homework before Rob & I caught up on a few of the new shows out for the season.

Today I was quite lazy. I did do laundry and made dinner for tomorrow night but eh, the boys have terrible coughs and so we just tried to have a relaxing day. I even took a nap. Heaven.
Luckily since I had two tests last week, I have about 3 weeks before the next 2.

This week is going to be a game changer for a lot of things to come. I have our final court date for my mom’s estate on Wednesday and I have big job thing happening. Deep breaths.

I think the best thing of the weekend happened tonight when I sneezed and Gavin said,”bess you!”


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