Giving it Up

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about giving something up. I just have too much going on and the one thing I’ve been trying to change is focusing on one task at a time. This could be at home, or work, or even homework. I just have a bad habit of thinking of all the things I have to do and panicking until they are done and all that does is completely stress me out. I’ve also been working on not rushing to get things done too much in advance. If I have to wait until the day before something is due, then it will still be okay. I’m annoying with all my ahead of time crap. Although yesterday I did complete an assignment 8 days early and got ahead on my weekly assignments for next week however! I had the time to do it. I had originally logged on to the computer to do my daily posts for school but they boys were playing fantastically and I just kept going because I could. I’m also realizing it’s okay if I sit here and do nothing as my something. Today I’ve already taken the boys for a hike and for donuts. I spent the morning mowing the back yard and picking up leaves with Gavin. Right now I don’t have too much happening (there is laundry to fold) but it’s killing me because I COULD go mow the front yard and pick up the leaves out there and I sort of feel lazy if I don’t do it. I’m trying to slow down and take breathers. It’s hard for me.

So what do I give up? I will tell you that I’ve been strongly considering giving up photography. This doesn’t include any shoots I’ve already committed to. While it is something I really love to do, it takes up time and right now my time is hard to come by. It’s also something I haven’t completely committed to, if that makes sense. I don’t have a “business”, I don’t really have plans or a formal website, I’m also pretty critical of my own pictures and I’m starting to feel it’s going to be necessary soon to upgrade my gear and I’m not sure I want to invest in that. I have no interest in learning Photoshop or fancy editing sites to make my pictures look like something they are not however that means I might need to learn a little bit more about my camera to be the photographer I want to be and I don’t have time for that. I am perfectly happy with how I edit my pictures now but if you can’t see the reoccurring theme of my life it’s that I like to get better and I like to challenge myself and especially when I have paying customers. My own family? My own kids? I love my photos because I know what I love. I know the moment I’m looking to capture.

And just as I’m typing this I just got a message come through from FB asking if I could take pictures.

How do you decide what to give up when there’s too much?

And for some reason I really want to start taking a yoga class once a week, how do I squeeze that in?

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