December Post

How many times will I say I miss this blog before I write more? I never thought I’d be a blogger who goes a month without writing. I can’t believe that I am. I’m sad when bloggers do that. I miss them. I love twitter but I’m sad that it’s brought an end to blogging, in a roundabout way. Maybe only for some it’s ended but I do keep reading those that write. I can’t help it. It’s really dark and dreary today. I guess it’s pouring down rain but I can’t tell from this third story window. I want to go home and cozy up on the couch with a blanket and my family but tonight I’m going to my mom’s again. We continue to clean and organize and sort while we find things that make us laugh, cry, and roll our eyes up at the heavens and say, “Why lady, why did you save so much stuff?” I found a book of notes between her and my dad that were sweet and loving and little uncomfortable. First it made me smile and then it made me hold the book away from me like a smelly diaper because ew, no one wants to read those things about their parents. I found letters between them that made me sad, sad that the marriage destructed the way it did. It makes me grateful for my own marriage. I found a vibrator in a sock.

The boys are just getting smarter every day. They fight a little more everyday too but once in a while they hug and play together and this makes me the happiest lady on earth. Luke is becoming more and more a daddy’s boy and my heart hurts just a little. There was never a time he would choose to stay with daddy over me, now he does. “I still love you mom, it’s okay, right?” Of course it is, my sweet sweet boy. I knew this day would come. Gavin is still allowing me to do everything for him so I’m not completely forgotten. He does his best to keep up or stay ahead of Luke but then there are the times he just does his own thing. He’s pretty much only going to do what Gavin wants to do. I have to admire that.

I’m pretty far ahead in the Christmas shopping department. I have the boys and all the nieces and nephews done. I’m really looking forward to Christmas. I love it. My birthday is not far behind that. Man alive, where is life going?

Work is great, crazy, annoying, frustrating, funny….all the good stuff. It’s not bad so that’s good. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

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  1. People (myself most definitely included) are bad about leaving comments these days and I don’t think it helps. Nor does Twitter. I am guilty of both. I am also guilty of absolutely loving every time you do end up writing, even if it’s only once a month.


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