A Perfect Sunday

I don’t particularly enjoy Sundays. I don’t know why that is but it’s the truth. Sunday is the day we relax. We don’t usually have too much on the agenda and we sort of keep it that way on purpose. I do homework, Rob usually naps, I make an early but larger dinner than normal, and the boys follow suit. But today we made plans because we were asked and we couldn’t find a good reason to say no. We decided to make a day of it because Rob needed new shoes and new jeans so after we met with another family at a nearby indoor playground we headed to lunch, then to the mall. The boys had a blast at the indoor playground. We headed out for Mexican with a 25 minute wait and we were scared. 2 year olds don’t like to wait. The 25 minutes didn’t seem too long and before we knew it we were all snacking on chips and salsa. It wasn’t long after that though that Gavin almost fell asleep in his chair sitting up. I quickly brought him over to my lap and he continued to nap there until Rob finished his plate. I didn’t mind holding him. To hold a sleeping Gavin is a rarity that I will scoop up every chance I can. 

We began to doubt a trip to the mall. It might be too much. But after we got Gavin out to the car he seemed awake and happy so we went for it. Again, we were impressed. Both boys were content as we strolled around the Sporting Goods store and even during the trip to the clothing store. Rob found his jeans but the shoes were a bust because they didn’t have his size. I found a sweatshirt on clearance that I’ve been craving since Christmas so we all left happy. It’s actually a men’s hooded sweatshirt that I bought for Rob as a Christmas present. It’s lined with the softest fleece ever and I’ve been stealing Rob’s way too big one when I can. Turns out! They had a small on the clearance rack. SOLD!

We were home by 4:30 and have been lazy on the couch since minus packing the lunches for tomorrow and folding the last load of laundry out of the dryer. 

Here we go, March. 



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