Egg Salad

Easter is a very catholic holiday for me. I don’t mean offense to other religions but I grew up catholic and that’s all I know. We were required to give up candy for lent, we observed Psalm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, and we went to church on Good Friday in addition to mass on Sunday. Because we were required (which as we got older felt more like a tradition and not a requirement) to give up candy for lent it seemed only natural to be excited for our over flowing baskets of candy on Easter morning. Since my kids just had a donut yesterday at the grocery store, it seems a little redundant for me and maybe for them. No, they don’t wake up to baskets of candy every morning but I hope you see my point. Even before I had kids I had decided my kids would not get candy on Easter but instead a few small gifts. I had never received anything other than candy in my Easter basket but my goal was less candy for the children. Well, they end up getting both. They both got a small chocolate bunny and a few Reese’s. Luke got baseball pants (for tee ball) and Gavin got underwear because dear lord child please go on the potty (he will go on the potty pretty much every time you request him too but not on his own). They both got fishing poles and bobbers as well (we are going to a lake for memorial weekend and they will all be fishing). So everything was a need and not just fluff but still. I don’t feel like they get it. 

My kids were both baptized in the catholic church but we don’t practice it like we should. They both understand Jesus and have attended Wednesday Church classes (Luke went before he went to school and Gavin goes now). We do talk about Jesus and tell stories at home but I feel like Easter is harder to understand for the kids than Christmas. Yesterday Luke said to me, “Why do they call Good Friday good when they beat Jesus and hung him from a cross? Nothing sounds good about that. Those people were mean!” So very true, my son. And then he’s questioning the Easter bunny and I really just wanted to say,”There’s no Easter bunny.” Instead I reminded him of the reason for Easter and asked him to focus more on that than the Easter bunny. He seemed good with that. 

I’m not sure where I’m going with this other than Easter felt so different for me as a child than it does for me now with my kids. Or maybe it’s just that Easter doesn’t really hold any traditions for us at this point. When my mom was alive we had a huge Polish feast and she bought all of us a large chocolate bunny and she was full of the traditions. I guess since she died we haven’t found our place yet. We made turkey at her house today (Who has turkey on Easter? It was my brother’s request, I think we just didn’t know what to do) and my brother hid the eggs for the boys to find. They had fun. My dad bought each of us a large chocolate bunny and got Easter baskets for the boys. Today is also my brother’s birthday so I feel like it was extra hard for him. Not just a holiday without mom but also his birthday. 

Speaking of eggs. My brother was appalled I had yet to color eggs with my children. Seriously! Like worst mother ever appalled. I just hadn’t done it because they were young and food dye? Hello?? So I said to him, “Okedoke! We will be at your house Saturday night for an egg coloring extravaganza!” Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as or messy as I thought. It was actually fun and the boys thought it was cool. I hadn’t made hard boiled eggs in sometime but even if it hadn’t turned out, there is one thing it did for me. It reminded me about egg salad. And how an egg salad sandwich is the last sandwich my mom ever made me. It was the Spring of 2009 and she and I planned an afternoon of taking Luke to a nearby park. He had on blue and red plaid shorts and a white shirt. She packed a picnic lunch that I didn’t expect. I remember holding the sandwich unopened in my hand and asking her, “What kind did you make?”

“Egg salad.” She said.

I hadn’t had it since I was a kid and when she said that I was equally shocked and excited. 

I’m pretty she only made it around Easter time. It was probably the only thing she could do with all those colored hard boiled eggs. 

I miss egg salad. 

I miss a lot of things. 


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