Instead of doing all the work I’m behind on right now, I’m going to write instead. This has been such a crazy summer. I originally thought that the 5 week course of death that I took during the month of June was the sole reason and that things would slow down after it was done-but I was wrong. The 5 week course of death was NOT hard but it was an insane work load. I ended up getting a B which makes me happy since I seriously was hoping for just a C. I’m shooting for the stars over here, people. So once that class ended it seemed things would slow down but I was wrong. Now it’s photo shoot after photo shoot and finding the time to edit pictures is not easy. I have about 4 family shoots and one wedding in August. Remember when I said I wanted to stop doing this? Ha! It’s too hard for me to say no and once I’m done with the finished product, I am happy I did them but the scheduling is an issue.

Besides the school thing there is the children thing who demand all attention at all times so we’ve been to the beach, to the pool, to the beach, camping, back to the pool. Oh, the camping trip. It was basically The Griswold Family Camping Trip. Rob and I camped a lot before we had children and we knew we wanted to camp again with them once they were older. So Gavin is 3 and Luke is just shy of 6 (WHAT?) and so we decided this was the summer to give it a shot. Friday night started with me accidently running over Rob’s fishing pole and snapping it in half. This was on my way to get wood for the campfire which turned out to be wet so later it took like 2 hours to get the fire going. While Rob tended to the fire I headed up to the playground with the boys where we heard there was going to be a Big Foot sighting. Luke was beside himself. Turns out that to actually see Big Foot you have to hike 45 minutes into the woods. AND YOU MUST STAY ON THE TRAIL TO AVOID THE POISON IVY. I’m sorry, what’s that? I have a 3 year old who turns into a blow fish when a mosquito just looks at him who is wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. And then you want him to STAY ON THE TRAIL? Hahahaha. And of course my non blow fish child is in long pants and a long shirt but whatever. Staying on the trail wasn’t an issue since he wanted to be carried the entire time. So here I am, surrounded by mosquitoes, carrying a child that weighs 38lbs, and keeping my eyes peeled for Big Foot. In the mean time Rob is keeps asking over the walkie talkie, “Where are you guys?” Oh, you didn’t know we’d be gone for 45 minutes? ME EITHER. We did see him eventually and it was cool to see Luke’s eyes get all big-until he said, “Hey, that’s a man in a gorilla costume.”


We finally got settled in at the camp site with a beautiful roaring fire when Gavin decides he wants to go home. “I WANT TO GO HOOOOMMMMEE!” “I WANT MY KINDLE.”

Oh, Lord. Please don’t judge me.

We all go to sleep.

We wake up Saturday morning to see that Luke has wet the bed (air mattress) and we try not to lose our minds.

We needed more ice for the cooler but more importantly; coffee. Rob headed out to do that while I took the boys back to the playground. I’m at the playground cursing myself for not bringing a coffee maker but I know coffee will be here soon enough so I am calm, cool, and collected. I see Rob’s name appear on my cell phone and YES! Coffee is here!

Except no, it’s not. It’s still at the gas station. Locked inside the car. With the keys.

I AM GOING TO DIE. The boys and I decide to head back to the camp site to get them some breakfast. I notice the lady from the camp site across hitting the switch on her coffee maker and even though I can’t hear the coffee brewing, I know that it is and I am very sad. I am going to die without coffee, I’m sure of it.

Rob actually returns quicker than anticipated thanks to some amazing fire fighters who happened to be cruising by with a lock out kit in their car. THANK YOU JESUS FOR FIRE FIGHTERS.

That was pretty much it for the crappy part of the trip. Things got better after that. We all went to the fishing pier. Gavin took a nap. Luke and I went on a glorious hike in the woods where he asked 487 questions and I did my best to answer all of them. Saturday night was burgers, campfire, and s’mores. Bed time was rough again but eh, what do you do? We definely learned a few things and we will try again next year.

Amongst other things is my job search which I’ve decided to halt due to my inability to like any of them. It’s not me, it’s them. I feel bad for not wanting these jobs because for 2 of them I was called back for the second interview (and said no after the initial interview) and one of them I got the job offer and I turned it down. I feel very lucky that I’m able to be in this position but the issue has been that none of these jobs will help get any further than this one (or it was almost a step back in a way) so why not just stay here? I just need to accept the fact that my CEO is going to clip his nails in his office and do everything on speaker phone. I have a door, I can shut it.

So here we go, August starts on Friday and my first born will be 6 and summer will be over before we know it. My favorite time of year is just around the corner but it’s followed by my LEAST favorite time of year so I’m in no hurry. I’m confident we can squeeze in many more pool days, a night away for Rob and I, and maybe even a baseball game. I might even be able to squeeze in a book between summer and fall classes.

I have never loved summer as much as I do now that Luke is in school. I have always been ready for summer to end. Not this year.

















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