Listening to Gavin sneak down the stairs, the employees at work complain, and ah hell-even I’m complaining this week. Too much.

Eating plain m&ms with goldfish. I also forgot how yummy twix bars are. And I brought goat cheese & jam for lunch twice this week & I enjoyed that.

Drinking coffee in copious amounts. I didn’t know how satisfying a hot coffee can be at 2pm during the work day.

Wearing flowy cardigans and tank tops. I might wear it with skinny jeans or my dress pants but I love how universal and fall like this outfit feels. I can add a scarf or a long necklace and I feel like me.

Feeling excited, sad, tired, content, many things. Excited to finally graduate. Sad for this time of year. Fall is so bittersweet for me. Tired from busy days and early mornings. Content with where I am, what I’m experiencing-if only time could stand still for a moment.

The weather has been a little too much rain than I prefer but it hasn’t ruined any of our fall plans.

I want a vacation. A far away week long relaxing vacation. We are almost there.

I need to stop with my negativity. I have been so so good but this week started on the wrong foot & I’ve let it continue. I need to bounce back. I have so much to feel positive about!

I think about so many things I could’ve done (should have done) differently and it’s no good. I can’t change it.

Enjoying my time. Lately I have worked hard to focus on me time while still having husband time AND time with my kids. I’ve been enjoying my Fitbit and making time to hit my goals. I feel so much better when I do. I haven’t taken an elevator in 2 months. Steps, steps, steps! I’ve started watching Homeland while I’m also rewatching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I’m even blogging more. 😉

And I’m enjoying fall. It is my favorite.


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