What I’m Doing and Not Doing

I’ve been thinking often lately how I might only be a good mother to babies. I know what to do with babies and my daily life since 2008 was knowing what my babies needed, but they are no longer babies. No they are not, we are in a new stage of life here in this house. Gavin is 5 and Lucas is going to be 8. The other night Gavin came into the house because he was sweaty from playing and the bugs were attacking him. So I stripped him down and washed him with a cool wash cloth and after I dried him thoroughly, I powered him up with baby powder. Baby powder for my baby that is clearly not a baby. He felt better and offered me snuggles after (thankfully he still snuggles). What I don’t do well is golf outings, fishing, and watching Star Wars. All of their favorite things right now. Daddy things.

To try and compensate for my lack of babies in the house, I thought about something I love to do that I could share with the boys. I love to read. Or I used to love to read? Seems like I can’t focus long enough to get into a book. I buy I book, read three chapters and set it down for too long due to the hustle and bustle called life and then I spend the rest of my days wondering, do I try to pick up where I left off or do I reread the first three chapters? I don’t really have time to reread three chapters. Last summer I bought 3 books (which I used to never buy books because I was against that and only believed in library books but whatever) and now I have 3 half started books next to my bed and I WILL NOT buy another book until I finish those. These are the rules in my head. Anyway, I do love to read or did love to read or whatever and it got me thinking about Luke. He loves to learn about new things, he loves stories, and he asks a million questions. He knows how to read and reads well in school but I noticed he does not try to read for leisure. Often times when he asks me questions, I give him an answer following with, “Lucas, do you know how you learn facts like this? Or different words, or history, or anything? Read! Reading is the best way to constantly be learning.” So I bought us a book. A chapter book called Bearhaven. We’ve been reading 2 to 3 chapters a night. He begs me to read more but I don’t because I want him to look forward to it. He does. I haven’t asked him to read yet because that’s not how it works with him. I just want him to see how exciting books can be and how much you can learn. He asks questions about words or things we read about in the book, we stop to talk about it, and my heart explodes. After Bearhaven I’m going to read him, Danny The Champion of the World.

I have been keeping my eyes on an Apple watch for some time. I keep window shopping and telling myself no because I’m not really sure I will love it. The few people I know who have one, they love it. They adore it. I can’t bring myself to bite the bullet because I had a fitbit for awhile and I did love that but it’s not necessary in motivating me to be active, I just love all the technology-but the taking it off to charge it? Eh. And also it can’t get wet, also eh. I’m still on the fence. So my neighbor asked me to go for pedicures yesterday and I said no. We are paying full cost for day care in these summer months and I didn’t feel like spending 40 bucks on a pedicure was the right thing to do. But I’m still thinking about that Apple watch. I believe this is what some people call starling expenses TM Swistle. I’m not going to spend 40 bucks on a pedi but I’m cool with an Apple watch. Eh, whatever. But that changed today or at least it did for a minute (because I promised myself that I would not buy this watch unless a certain thing happened and that hasn’t happened yet). I didn’t buy flowers this year because they die. I don’t mean they just die at the end of summer, I mean they die two weeks later. However, I found myself sitting outside more and feeling like our deck was drab. Blech. Just a drabby brown deck with the same table and chairs we’ve had since before 2008 (can’t ever seem to buy real grown up patio furniture even though there’s nothing really stopping us). The table we have is actually still nice but it only seats two and there is nothing else on the deck. Well, I changed my mind today. I went out and bought 3 nice large flower pots with the promise to myself that I will water them every night. I watered them tonight-so I’m on track already. Additionally, I bought two plastic adirondack chairs. I have been eyeing these for awhile (I tend to do that). At first I didn’t know how I felt about these chairs but the more I saw them, the more they grew on me. I particularly enjoy how you can set your coffee on the arm of the chair and pull your knees up to your chin and feel comfortable. I bought them in turquoise blue which is a particularly loud color for someone like me, but I love them. We also bought a Cabela’s camping chair that ROCKS and I’m here to tell you, rocking is nice. I originally wanted the adirondack chairs to bring to the camper however, I am particularly enjoying them on my back deck so I might just leave them there forever. So instead of an apple watch, I spent the boys college money on chairs, flowers, oh and a welcome mat with flip flops on it because it’s summer and I don’t want a drabby deck in the summer. Note: I painted my own toes and no one will know the difference unless they read this blog which is unlikely because no one reads this blog.

We are still camping mostly every weekend. We stayed home this weekend because of birthday parties, graduation parties, and father’s day. I think Rob had a good day because he’s been snoozing on the couch for about two hours. He went to the driving range, spent time with the boys who gave him new golf shirts and a golf bag. I made all of us dinner. I made Mini Meatball Casserole minus the mini-just imagine regular sized meatballs. You might wonder why I would choose to cook on a 90 degree day when clearly one should grill, but I’m not the griller. Rob is the griller and, “Hey, can you make your own dinner?” didn’t feel right. Also, we grill a lot. A lot. A lot. So I made the meatball thing which was a hit with not just my baby daddy, but also my own daddy, and the boys choked it down without much complaint so I will consider that a win. Because if no one is crying at dinner time then something has gone terribly wrong. I never cook anymore and maybe I will start cooking more if there is less crying about what I make because nothing feels better than planning out daily meals, spending time cooking said meals, and then listening to two boys cry about how they hate it (and usually before they even know WHAT IT IS). This means that the weekly meals have stayed the same for about a year and Rob mostly cooks the meal before I get home from work. You can probably guess in case you can’t, those meals are: tacos, pizza, chicken tenders/fries, grilled cheese, burgers, chili, ribs, pork loin…..throw in a veggie side with all of those but the tacos and call it good.

In other recent events, my house is now being cleaned by someone other than myself and can I just tell you, this is the best thing in the world.

Well, in case you’ve been wondering what’s been happening with me since the last time I wrote, this post sums up that I no longer cook, spend time with my children doing things they love to do, or clean my own house. Awesome.

I promise to blog more.




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  1. Whore

     /  July 11, 2016

    I read this blog, bizzo ❤️


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