My Husband

June 25th 2008

He would kill me, but this will be fun!

  1. He is 30 years old.
  2. He is exactly 2 months and 7 days my junior. I’m such a cradle robber.
  3. He has very long eyelashes and the prettiest color of blue eyes.
  4. Sweetlips has played hockey since he was 6.
  5. He loves the Detroit Red Wings.
  6. He is the smartest person I know.
  7. He is also a sponge for useless information.
  8. He knows the bible like know one else I know.
  9. He will challenge you on it and win, he did this with the priest who married us.
  10. He is not catholic but married me in a catholic ceremony.
  11. He does not like and will not wear flip flops.
  12. He says they make his toes “feel funny”.
  13. In high school he could run a 4 minute mile.
  14. He ran track and cross country all 4 years.
  15. He only played league hockey.
  16. He can still not run for months and then run a 5k in 24 minutes. This makes his wife jealous because she actually trains.
  17. Sweetlips will eat anything, even if he doesn’t like it, he will still eat it.
  18. The only thing I have ever heard him say he doesn’t like is brussel sprouts. He still ate them.
  19. He loves Reeces Pieces Flurries with chocolate ice cream.
  20. His favorite thing I make for dinner is chicken enchiladas with cream cheese.
  21. He cannot cook unless it’s breakfast.
  22. He makes a mean fried egg sammy!
  23. He majored in History.
  24. He now installs and programs fire and security systems.
  25. He likes to call me a crazy pirate hooker so then I’ll say, “yeah but you love crazy pirate hookers!” and he’ll say, “I do!!’.
  26. He makes me laugh….
  27. Especially right before we fall asleep at night, and we keep talking and not going to sleep and he’ll say, “it’s like a slumber party Sweetlips!!”.
  28. He does not want me to cut my hair.
  29. He loves the Star Wars movies.
  30. He does not enjoy my blog. He often says, “Quit putting me on the internet.” And I say, “Shut it”.
  31. He loves his dinner plate prepared for him.
  32. He likes to ruin what I make for dinner by pouring taco sauce all over it.
  33. The History Channel is his fave.
  34. He will not watch Friends with me but he will watch Sex and the City.
  35. He would not kiss me until our 3rd date because he likes the “ladies to give him the signal”. Whateva!
  36. He says that I made him wait too long for sex but then will later say that he wouldn’t have done it with me too soon anyway because he’s a gentleman. Yeah right!
  37. He gets very upset with me when I become obsessive about exercise or talk badly about my body.
  38. His favorite show is CSI or The Unit.
  39. He wears Curve for men cologne and it smells delicious on him. When he remembers to wear it, he’s guaranteed to get laid every time!
  40. He does not like to do laundry.
  41. It’s kinda like the dinner plate, he likes his laundry washed, folded and presented to him in a laundry basket.
  42. For those 2 things, he does the dishes and takes backs the bottles and cans because I hate it.
  43. He also takes out the garbage.
  44. He is the oldest of 3.
  45. That is an issue for us….
  46. because he has what I like to call “big brother syndrome”, which, my older brother has and this is hard for me.
  47. It’s like they think they are your parent, not your sibling.
  48. It’s not as bad as it sounds because me and my brother have worked this out, it’s just annoying when I see my husband do it to his younger siblings and he’ll occasionally do it to me.
  49. He loves his back scratched by his fabulous wife.
  50. He enjoys hours and hours of video games.
  51. He thinks they are good for the mind, yours truly does not.
  52. He is allergic to shellfish.
  53. He does not like his feet touched.
  54. Or his ears.
  55. His belly button is a lint trap that I like to check daily and say things like, “this is more then yesterday!”
  56. He is 6 feet tall. Yummy!
  57. His birthday is March 21st.
  58. Notre Dame is his favorite college football team.
  59. He loves techno music. I find this odd since he doesn’t really listen to it but he likes it.
  60. He does not like to lose.
  61. He will not play shuffleboard with me because I am the shuffleboard queen.
  62. He can sleep in a bed with no sheet on the mattress and covers all a rye. Unlike his wife.
  63. He is a Sudoku Champ. It makes me sick.
  64. He loves crosswords too. And what scares me is my dad is the same way.
  65. Sweetlips’ favorite dessert is cherry pie,
  66. or Death by Chocolate at Bennigans.
  67. He can eat more than anyone I know.
  68. And not gain weight.
  69. I have witnessed him eat an entire meal and 2 desserts in one sitting.
  70. It’s truly unbelievable.
  71. Sweetlips is extremely handy.
  72. Sweetlips looks very good when he’s wearing his tool belt.
  73. He can pretty much figure out how to fix or install anything.
  74. He loves hammers.
  75. And pretty much any other tool he can get his paws on.
  76. He has a great knack of making conversation with people, which I think then he has a great way of making people feel comfortable.
  77. I look forward to this when our future children have friends over.
  78. He does not like to share his food.
  79. His favorite breakfast is blueberry pancakes and bacon.
  80. Or pretty much whatever I make for him.
  81. When he’s drunk his favorite word is “seriously”.
  82. He thinks I married him because he’s the male version of my BFF and I was secretly in love with her but didn’t want to be a lesbian.
  83. Not true but the similarities between him and her, and me and her husband can be scary at times.
  84. His favorite beer is New Castle.
  85. He once wrote 2 complete paragraphs on the TGIFridays comment card because they took it off tap.
  86. He drinks his coffee black with ice cubes.
  87. He drinks his coffee in a travel mug even if he’s not traveling.
  88. If he is traveling he still won’t put the lid on it and this drives his wife crazy.
  89. He loves brand new socks.
  90. He would rather buy new socks then wash the used socks.
  91. He really hates those people that wait until the last minute to get over in construction zones on the highway.
  92. You should get over right away when you see the first sign that might say something like, “Left Lane Closed Ahead”.
  93. He would rather make me happy, than make himself happy.
  94. He hates snakes.
  95. He will give me a “six year old face” when he doesn’t get his way.
  96. His favorite holiday is Christmas.
  97. He does not like cats.
  98. or little dogs.
  99. He writes neater than me.
  100. He will wear the hat of the team that’s playing. He will even switch hats…let’s say if the Detroit Tigers played in the afternoon and the Wings playing in the evening.
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  1. Crazy Pirate Hooker, this was a cute fun read. Thanks for sharing…but Rob, come on, Sex and the City, but no FRIENDS…What’s wrong here? 🙂


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